Thomas Jones

View of houses in Naples; seen from a height, with tops of trees at right foreground

1782 Oil on paper

The 2017 Volume will contain:

Paul Tucker: The Correspondence of Charles Fairfax Murray (1849-1919), Frederic Burton (1816-1900) and Wilhelm Bode (1845-1929).

The 2018 Volume will include:

Jeremy Wood: Anthony van Dyck, James, 3rd Marquis of Hamilton, and the collection of Bartolomeo della Nave in England.

Lucy Whitaker: The Inventory of Charles II's Pictures.

Tamsin Foulkes: James Thornhill’s Travel Diary to Paris, 1717.

Lothar Sichel: Paintings for London. John Udny and the beginnings of Angelo Bonelli’s ‘Roman Picture Gallery’.