The Walpole Society’s purpose is to promote the study of the history of British Art. It does this by publishing an annual volume of studies written by its members and scholars around the world. This volume is supported by grants and the subscriptions of the members of the Society, who in return are sent each annual volume. These volumes usually contain over 300 pages, and the articles can be of any length. This enables the Society to publish primary documentation of a kind that other scholarly journals are unable to handle. The Society therefore has an unmatched record in the publication of the materials of the history of British art. The field of research includes paintings, drawings, prints, miniatures, sculpture and illuminated manuscripts as well as patronage, collecting and travel. The period covered is the whole of the history of British art, from the middle ages to the present. The publishing programme is planned well in advance, and contains many important articles. We are always keen to encourage scholars, young as well as established, to transcribe journals, letters and accounts, of which there are still very many that await publication and proper attention.

There are currently about 500 members, both personal and institutional, and we are always seeking new members both in the United Kingdom and abroad to help us in our task. Volumes are only available to members, and are not sold through bookshops or booksellers. The Society is run by an unpaid Committee, whose members are elected by the entire membership.

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