Thomas Jones

View of houses in Naples; seen from a height, with tops of trees at right foreground

1782 Oil on paper

The 2018 Volume will include:

Jeremy Wood: Buying and Selling Art in Venice, London and Antwerp: The Collection of Bartolomeo della Nave and the Dealings of James, Third Marquis of Hamilton, Anthony Van Dyck, and Jan and Jacob Van Veerle, c. 1637-52

Tamsin Lee-Woolfe: James Thornhill’s Travel Diary to Paris, 1717.

Lothar Sickel: Angelo Bonelli (c. 1760-1827): An Italian Art Dealer in London and his Partnership with John Udny junior

The 2019 Volume will contain:

Jeremy Harvey: Letters of Stanley Spencer to his Niece

Lucy Whitaker: The Inventory of Charles II’s Pictures

Neil Jeffares: Edward Luttrell’s ‘Epitome of Painting’ (1683)

Adam Busiakiewicz: A Drawing Manual by John ‘Warwick’ Smith for the 2nd Earl of Warwick

The above information is subject to change.