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We're recruiting!

Updated: Jan 20

The Walpole Society is looking for a freelance administrator to help manage the charity's activities as it enters into an exciting new partnership to deliver the Berger Prize. To apply, write with CV to by 31 January 2024.

About The Walpole Society

The Walpole Society is an educational charity founded in 1911 to promote the study of British art history. Membership is made up of private individuals, libraries and museums in the UK and internationally. The Society publishes indispensable new research in its annual Volume. In 2024 the Society will also offer the premier art history book prize, the Berger Prize, through the generosity of the US charitable foundation, the Berger Collection Educational Trust. Among the features of this partnership will be two annual events and a podcast series to introduce brilliant art historical writing to wider audiences.

The Role: Executive Administrator

The role spans the breadth of the Society’s projects, with the shared objective of raising the profiles of both the Society and the Prize:

Berger Prize

  • Liaise with publishers, organise book distribution

  • Coordinate judges' meetings, draft reports

  • Organise two annual events (venues, catering etc)

  • Marketing the events, podcast, nominees & winners

Walpole Society

  • Maintain membership records

  • Prepare address lists for annual mailing

  • Point of contact for members

  • Membership recruitment initiatives

  • Coordination with bookkeeper & treasurer

  • Committee minute-taking


  • Maintain the Society & Berger Prize website

  • Creating email newsletters and social media promotion

  • Working with stakeholders on marketing


Comfortable with web design, social media, office and accounting apps (including SAGE)

Experience in the arts, publishing or media essential

Working Arrangements

Reporting to the Society’s Chairwoman

Occasional informal meetings in London

Four committee meetings annually, early evenings in London

Approximately four sub-committee meetings online or in London

Attendance at summer & autumn Prize events


14 hours per week, working-from-home

Self-employed consultant status, responsible for own NI and tax; holidays not included

£20 per hour, invoiced monthly

To apply, write with CV to by 31 January 2024


Willem van de Velder the Younger (1633-1707)

An English Warship Firing a Salute, 1673 [detail]

Oil on canvas, 66.4 x 52.9 cm

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