A page from Horace Walpole's Book of Materials describing a journey to Kimbolton in 1763
Volumes are published in hardback 28.3 x 22.3 cm (Volumes 1-30 are 32.3 x 26 cm)
All volumes, except those marked `OP', should be available in reprint up to Volume 35 and in original from 36 onwards. Information on how to obtain previously published volumes is given on the previous page. Volume 29, The Index to Vertue volumes I-V, is available in photocopy form.

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VOLUME 1. (1911-1912)
P.Norman: Nicholas Hilliard, `The Art of Limning'.
E.S.Prior: English mediaeval figure-sculpture.
W.R.Lethaby: London and Westminster Painters.
L.O'Malley and C.H.Collins Baker: Reynolds' first portrait of Keppel.
A.J.Finberg: Turner's `Isle of Wight' sketch book.
Available online in the Internet Archive at http://archive.org/details/volumeofwalpoles01walpuoft

VOLUME 2. (1912-1913)
L.Cust: Hans Eworth.
Mrs.R.L.Poole: The De Critz family of painters.
W.R.Lethaby: The Romance Tiles of Chertsey Abbey.
E.F.Strange: The Rood-Screen of Cawston Church, Norfolk.
A.F.Kendrick: The Hatfield Tapestry of the Seasons.
W.G.Strickland: Hugh Douglas Hamilton, portrait painter.
A.Dubuisson: L'influence de Bonington ... en France.
Available online in the Internet Archive at http://archive.org/details/volumeofwalpoles02walpuoft

VOLUME 3. (1913-1914)
Mrs.R.L.Poole: Marcus Gheeraerts, father and son.
L.Cust: Marcus Gheeraerts.
J.A.Herbert: An English 13th century Psalter (B.M.Roy.i Dix).
G.C.Druce: Animals in English wood carvings.
E.W.Tristram: The 17th century painted room from Botolph Lane.
C.H.Collins Baker: Edmund Ashfield.
A.J.Finberg: Turner's `South Wales' sketch-book-I.
C.E.Hughes: Bonington's parents.
L.Cust and others: Additional notes on Hans Eworth.
L.Cust and A.M.Hind: George Vertue's note-books.
Available online in the Internet Archive at http://archive.org/details/volumeofwalpoles03walpuoft

VOLUME 4. (1914-1915)
R.W.Goulding: Welbeck Abbey Miniatures
Available online in the Internet Archive at http://archive.org/details/volumeofwalpoles04walpuoft

VOLUME 5. (1915-1917) Out of print
C.F.Bell: Portrait drawings in Oxford Collections - I.
Campbell Dodgson: The etchings of Andrew Geddes.
C.F.Bell: British water-colour painters: James Moore collection.
L.Cust: Kilpeck Church, Herefordshire.
M.H.Spielmann: Thomas Gainsborough and Gainsborough Dupont.
Available online in the Internet Archive at http://archive.org/details/volumeofwalpoles05walpuoft

VOLUME 6. (1917-1918) Out of print
A.J.Finberg: Two portraits of Cornelius Johnson.
L.Cust: The Lumley Inventories.
Mrs.H.F.Finberg: Gawen Hamilton.
E.R.Dibdin: Liverpool artists in the 18th century.
A.J.Finberg: Turner's `South Wales' sketch-book-II. Two early works of Sir Joshua Reynolds.
R.W.Goulding: A Gheeraerts portrait at Welbeck. The papers of the Society of Artists of Great Britain.
Available online in the Internet Archive at http://archive.org/details/volumeofwalpoles06walpuoft

VOLUME 7. (1918-1919)
W.L.Spiers: The note book and account book of Nicholas Stone
Available online in the Internet Archive at http://archive.org/details/volumeofwalpoles07walpuoft

VOLUME 8. (1919-1920)
L.Cust: The portraits of Sir Walter Raleigh.
R.W.Goulding: Wriothesley portraits.
A.P.OppÈ: Francis Towne.
H.C.Andrews: A lost monument by Nicholas Stone.
Available online in the Internet Archive at http://archive.org/details/volumeofwalpoles08walpuoft

VOLUME 9. (1920-1921) Out of print
The Earl of Ilchester: Queen Elizabeth's visit to Blackfriars.
Mrs.H.F.Finberg: Canaletto in England.
C.R.Grundy: An action brought against Joseph Goupy, 1738.
A.J.Finberg: A portrait of Prince Charles by Robert Peake
Available online in the Internet Archive at http://archive.org/details/volumeofwalpoles09walpuoft

VOLUME 10. (1920-1921) Out of print
A.J.Finberg: Cornelius Johnson.
H.M.Hake: Francis Place.
R.W.M.Wright: Farleigh Castle.
Mrs.H.F.Finberg: Canaletto in England, additions.
Available online in the Internet Archive at http://archive.org/details/volumeofwalpoles10walpuoft

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