A page from Horace Walpole's Book of Materials describing a journey to Kimbolton in 1763
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VOLUME 11. (1922-1923)
M.R.James: An English Bible-picture book (Holkham MS.666).
G.F.Hill: Stevan van Herwijck and Stevan van der Meulen.
Mrs.R.L.Poole: Edward Pierce.
J.A.Knowles: Henry Gyles, glass-painter of York.
Campbell Dodgson: The etchings of Sir David Wilkie

VOLUME 12. (1923-1924) Out of print
P.Simpson and C.F.Bell: Inigo Jones' designs for masques.
(Catalogue of the Chatsworth collection published in conjunction with the Malone Society)

VOLUME 13. (1924-1925) Out of print
M.R.James: An English mediaeval sketch-book (Pepysian MS.1916).
L.Binyon: The Virginia drawings of John White.
W.T.Whitley: Sir Henry Bate Dudley, Bart.
A.P.OppÈ: John White Abbott.

VOLUME 14. (1925-1926) Out of print
M.R.James: Drawings of Matthew Paris.
A.F.Kendrick: Barcheston Tapestries.
C.F.Bell: Portrait drawings in Oxford Collections - II.
H.Isherwood Kay: Cotman's letters from Normandy - I.

VOLUME 15. (1926-1927)
G.McN.Rushworth: Painted windows at the Vyne, Hampshire.
Mrs.K.A.Esdaile: John Bushnell.
J.D.Milner: Tilly Kettle.
H.Isherwood Kay: Cotman's letters from Normandy - II

VOLUME 16. (1927-1928) Out of print
M.R.James and E.W.Tristram: Wall paintings at Christ Church, Oxford.
Paget Toynbee: Walpole's Journals of visits to country seats.
A.P.OppÈ: A Roman sketch-book of Alexander Cozens.

VOLUME 17. (1928-1929) Out of print
M.R.James and E.W.Tristram: Wall paintings at Eton College Chapel and Winchester Cathedral.
J.A.Knowles: William Peckitt, glass painter of York.
B.S.Long: Richard Crosse, miniaturist.
Campbell Dodgson: English 15th century devotional woodcuts

VOLUME 18. (1929-1930)
Vertue - I. Autobiography (B.M.,Add.MSS.23070;23091). Note-books A.j. and A.b (Add.MSS.21111;23069)

VOLUME 19. (1930-1931) Out of print
W.Foster: British artists in India, 1760-1820.
B.Rackham: The glass-paintings of Coventry.
G.F.Webb: Nicholas Hawksmoor's mausoleum at Castle Howard.

VOLUME 20. (1931-1932)
Vertue - II. Note-books A.g. and A.c. (Add.MSS.23070;23075)

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