A page from Horace Walpole's Book of Materials describing a journey to Kimbolton in 1763
Volumes are published in hardback 28.3 x 22.3 cm (Volumes 1-30 are 32.3 x 26 cm)
All volumes, except those marked `OP', should be available in reprint up to Volume 35 and in original from 36 onwards. Information on how to obtain previously published volumes is given on the previous page. Volume 29, The Index to Vertue volumes I-V, is available in photocopy form.

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VOLUME 21. (1932-1933) Out of print
J.G.Mann: English Church monuments, 1536-1625.
G.W.Kendall: John Wootton, life and list of engravings after his pictures.
A.J.B.Wace: English embroideries, Sir John Carew Pole collection.
S.D.Kitson: Portrait drawings, Dawson Turner collection.
Mrs.K.A.Esdaile: John Bushnell, additional notes.
W.Foster: British artists in India, additional notes.

VOLUME 22. (1933-1934)
Vertue - III. Note-books A.f.,B.4, and another (Add.MSS.23076;23079;23074).

VOLUME 23. (1934-1935)
C.F.Bell and T.Girtin: J.R.Cozens, drawings and sketches

VOLUME 24. (1935-1936)
Vertue - IV. Note-books A.q. and A.x. (Add.MSS.23071;23072).

VOLUME 25. (1936-1937) Out of print
M.R.James: Four leaves of an English 12th century Psalter.
M.R.James: An English picture-book (Fitwilliam Mus.,MS.370).
E.G.Millar: The late Dr M.R.James, O.M.
J.L.Caw: Allan Ramsay.
Miss M.I.Batten: The architecture of Dr Robert Hooke.
S.H.Paviere: The Devis family of painters.
G.McN.Rushforth: Painted windows at the Vyne, additional notes.

VOLUME 26. (1937-1938)
Vertue - V. Note-books A.y.y.,A.w.,B.3 and D.1(Add.MSS.23073;22042;23087;23089).

VOLUME 27. (1938-1939) Out of print
C.E.Hughes: A.J.Finberg.
Campbell Dodgson: Holbein's woodcuts for English painters.
D.Allen: Thomas Simon's sketch-book.
H.Gatty: Walpole's notes on exhibitions.
M.Hardie: A sketch-book of Thomas Girtin.
C.F.Bell: Additional notes on patrons of English artists.

VOLUME 28. (1939-1940)
J.L.Nevinson: English embroidery patters, 16th-17th centuries.
F.J.B.Watson: Thomas Patch.
E.Croft-Murray: An account-book of John Flaxman.
Campbell Dodgson: Additional notes on Holbein's woodcuts.

VOLUME 29. (1940-1942)
Vertue note-books. Index to Vertue I-V


VOLUME 30. (1948-1950)
Vertue - VI. Miscellaneous note-books and notes. (Has its own index)

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