A page from Horace Walpole's Book of Materials describing a journey to Kimbolton in 1763
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VOLUME 41. (1966-1968)
J.L.Nevinson: The Embroidery Patterns of Thomas Trevelyon.
F.Wormald: A short treatise on the Mass with pictures by the Master of Queen Mary's Psalter.
M.Kitson: Hogarth's `Apology for Painters'.
E.K.Waterhouse: Sir Joshua Reynolds' Sitter-book of 1755.

VOLUME 42. (1968-1970)
C.K.Adams and W.S.Lewis: The Portraits of Horace Walpole.
M.Caviness: The Stained Glass from the Chapel of Hampton Court, Herefordshire.
E.Johnston: Joseph Highmore's Paris Journal.
M.Cormack: The Ledgers of Sir Joshua Reynolds

VOLUME 43. (1970-1972)
O.Millar: The Inventories and Valuations of the King's Goods 1649-1651.

VOLUME 44. (1972-1974)
M.Lutyens (ed.): Letters from Sir John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt in the Huntington Library.
R.J.B.Walker: The Palace of Westminster after the fire of October 1834.
R.Ormond: Chinnery and his Pupil, Mrs.Browne.

VOLUME 45. (1974-1976)
K.Garlick: A Catalogue of the Pictures at Althorp.

VOLUME 46. (1976-1978)
J.Ingamells and R.Raines: A Catalogue of the Paintings, Drawings and Etchings of Philip Mercier.
T.Fawcett: Eighteenth-century art in Norwich.
M.Kirby Talley: Thomas Bardwell of Bungay, Artist and Author 1704-1767 with a check list of Works.
A.Hemingway: Cotman's `Architectural Antiquities of Normandy': some amendments to Kitson's account.

VOLUME 47. (1978-1980)
J.Ingamells: Andrea Soldi - A check list of his Work.
R.Raines: Peter Tillemans, Life and Work, with a list of representative Paintings.
M.Edmond: Limners and Picturemakers - New light on the lives of miniaturists and large-scale portrait-painters working in London in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

VOLUME 48. (1980-1982)
R.Kingzett: A check list of the Paintings and Drawings of Samuel Scott.
C.Avery: Hubert le Sueur: `the unworthy Praxiteles of Charles I'.
A.Hemingway: `The English Piranesi': Cotman's Architectural Prints

VOLUME 49. (1983)
Lindsay Stainton: Hayward's List: British visitors to Rome 1753-1775.
John Kenworthy-Browne: Matthew Brettingham's Rome Account Book 1747-1754.
M.Kirby Talley: `Small, usuall, and vulgar things': Still-life paintings in England 1635-1760.
Malcolm Rogers: John and John Baptiste Closterman: A catalogue of their works.

VOLUME 50. (1984)
William L.Pressly: John Francis Rigaud.
Fintan Cullen: The oil paintings of Hugh Douglas Hamilton.
Iain Gordon Brown: Allan Ramsay's Rise and Reputation.
Howard Colvin: Letters and Papers relating to the rebuilding of Combe Abbey, Warwickshire, 1681-1688.

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