A page from Horace Walpole's Book of Materials describing a journey to Kimbolton in 1763
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VOLUME 51. (1985)
The Travel Diaries of Otto Mündler 1855-1858 at the National Gallery, London.
Edited and indexed by Carol Togneri Dowd. Introduction by Jaynie Anderson. The diaries contain detailed
notes made in the 1850s on pictures seen in Italy whilst acting as agent for Sir Charles Eastlake.

VOLUME 52. (1986)
John Sunderland: John Hamilton Mortimer, 1740-1779.

VOLUME 53. (1987)
Gertrud Seidman: Nathaniel Marchant, Gem-Engraver, 1739-1816.
Mary Edmond: Bury St Edmunds: A Seventeenth-Century Art Centre.
Robert Raines: Notes on Egbert van Heemskerck and the English Taste for Genre.
Francis Russell: The Derby Collection (1721-1735).
Ellen Miles: A Notebook of Portrait Compositions by Thomas Bardwell.
Mary Burkett: Christopher Steele, 1733-1767.
Rhodri Windsor Liscombe: The `Diffusion of Knowledge and Taste': John Flaxman and the Improvement of the Study Facilities at the Royal Academy

VOLUME 54. (1988)
Ilaria Bignamini: George Vertue, Art Historian and Art Institutions in London, 1689-1768.
Sheila O'Connell: Lord Shaftesbury in Naples, 1711-13.
Louise Lippincott: Arthur Pond's Journal of Receipts and Expenses, 1734-50.
Trevor Brighton: William Peckitt's Commission Book, 1751-95.
Arline Meyer: William Musgrave's `Lists of Portraits'.

VOLUME 55. (1989-1990)
Kimerly Rorschach: Frederick, Prince of Wales (1707-51) as Collector and Patron.
Nicola F. Figgis: The Roman Property of Frederick Augustus Hervey, 4th Earl of Bristol and Bishop of Derry (1730-1803).
Patricia R. Andrew: Jacob More: Biography and a Checklist of Works.

VOLUME 56. (1991-1992)
Alison Yarrington, Ilene D. Lieberman, Alex Potts and Malcolm Baker: The Ledger of Sir Francis Chantrey, R.A., at the Royal Academy, 1809-41.

VOLUME 57. (1993-1994)
Jim Murrell: John Guillim's Book: a Heraldic Painter's vade mecum
Morris Brownell: William Gilpin's Thames Tour, 1764.
Kim Sloan and Paul Joyner: The J.R. Cozens album in the National Library of Wales.

VOLUME 58. (1995-1996)
Kristine Edmondson-Haney and Michael Gullick: The Hungerford Psalter (Cambridge University Library, MS. Ee.4.33); a Twelfth Century Manuscript.
Jacob Simon: James Northcote's Account Book, 1776-1830.
Martin Postle: The Foundation of the Slade School of Fine Art; Fifty-eight Letters in the Record Office of U.C.L.

VOLUME 59. (1997)
Graham Parry, based on the work of the late Hugh Macandrew: The John Talman Letter-Book
Antony Griffiths, based on the work of the late Hugh Macandrew: The Talman Collection, Marks and Sales
Lindsay Boynton: William Talman's Inventory, 1719

VOLUME 60. (1998)
History and Catalogue of the collections of Sir Brinsley Ford:
Benjamin Booth (1732-1807) collection including paintings and drawings by Richard Wilson;
Collection of Richard Ford (1796-1858); and
Collection of Sir Brinsley Ford (1908-1999).

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