A page from Horace Walpole's Book of Materials describing a journey to Kimbolton in 1763
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VOLUME 61. (1999)
Adam White: A Biographical Dictionary of London Tomb Sculptors, c.1560-c.1660
Ingrid Roscoe: Peter Scheemakers
Richard Walker: Henry Bone's Pencil Drawings in the National Portrait Gallery.

VOLUME 62. (2000)
Annette Peach: Portraits of Byron
Oliver Garnett: The Letters and Collection of William Graham - Pre-Raphaelite Patron and Pre-Raphaelite Collector

VOLUME 63. (2001)
John Gage: A Romantic Colourman: George Field and British Art.
Carol Blackett-Ord: Letters from William Kent to Burrell Massingberd from the Continent (1712-19)
Elizabeth Einberg: Catalogue of the Work of George Lambert (1700-65)

VOLUME 64. (2002)
Malcolm Jones: Engraved Works Recorded in the Stationers' Registers,1562-1656. A Listing and Commentary;
Edward Chaney and Jane Hall Herbert Horne's 1889 Diary of his First Visit to Italy.

VOLUME 65. (2003)
Duncan Thomson: The Letters of James and William Tassie to Alexander Wilson 1778 to 1826.
John Ingamells: John Ramsay's Italian Diary 1782-84.
Hugh Brigstocke: Lord Lindsay. Travels in Italy and Northern Europe 1841-42 for sketches of the History of Christian Art.

VOLUME 66. (2004)
Lucy Peltz: Engraved Portrait Heads and the Rise of Extra-Illustration: The Eton Correspondence of the Revd James Granger and Richard Bull, 1769-1774
Stephen Lloyd: The Cosway Inventory of 1820: Listing Unpaid Commissions and the Contents of 20 Stratford Place, Oxford Street, London
Lynn Robert Matteson: The Academy Diary of John Green Waller, F.S.A.
Martin Royalton-Kisch: An Archive of Letters to John Sheepshanks

VOLUME 67. (2005)
Susan Pearce and Frank Salmon: Charles Heathcote Tatham in Italy, 1794-96: Letters, Drawings and Part of an Autography
Susan Jenkins: An Inventory of his Grace the Duke of Chandos's Seat at Cannons, Taken June the 19th 1725 by John Gilbert
Andor Gomme: An Eighteenth Century Builderís Notebook
Edward Sanders: Biographical Dictionary of English Wrought Iron Smiths of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

VOLUME 68. (2006)
Charles Watkins and Ben Cowell, Letters from Uvedale Price (1747-1829) to Sir George Beaumont and Others, with a biography Mr Price The Picturesque :Critic, Connoisseur and Landscape Enthusiast.

VOLUME 69. (2007)
Anne Brookes: Richard Symonds's account of his Visit to Rome in 1649-1651
Jennifer Melville: A Journal of a Trip Through Part of Flanders in 1726 by John Thornhill
David Getsy: The Problem of Realism in Hamo Thornycroft's 1885 Royal Academy Lecture

VOLUME 70. (2008)
Carol Blackett Ord and Simon Turner: Prints published by Richard Tompson and Alexander Browne
David Alexander: George Vertue as an engraver

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