A page from Horace Walpole's Book of Materials describing a journey to Kimbolton in 1763
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VOLUME 71. (2009)
Elizabeth E. Barker: Documents Relating to Joseph Wright 'of Derby' (1734-97)
Helen Smailes: 'Uno Sfortunato Scultore Scozzese chiamato Campbell'. The Correspondence of Thomas Campbell (1791-1858) and his Banking Maecenas, Gilbert Innes of Stow (1751-1832)
Adam White: A Biographical Dictionary of London Tomb Sculptors c. 1560- c. 1660: Addenda and Corrigenda

VOLUME 72. (2010)
Hugh Brigstocke, Eckart Marchand, and Alison Wright. John Flaxman in Italy; Journals and Sketchbooks.
Hugh Brigstocke. William Young Ottley in Italy; Drawings after early Italian Painting and Sculpture.

VOLUME 73. (2011)
Susanna Avery-Quash. The Travel Notebooks of Sir Charles Eastlake. (A double volume, published to mark the Centenary of the The Walpole Society.)

VOLUME 74. (2012)
R. Griffiths. The Life and Works of Edward Haytley (1713-1762).
Jason Kelly. Letters from a Young Painter Abroad: James Russell in Rome, 1747-53.
Andrew Graciano. The Memoir of Benjamin Wilson FRS (1721-1788), Painter and Electrical Scientist.
Hugh Brigstocke. The Journals and Accounts of James Irvine in Italy (1802-1806): art dealing & speculation for William Buchanan, Arthur Champernowne & Alexander Gordon.

VOLUME 75. (2013)
Edward Nygren. James Ward, RA (1769-1859): Papers and Patrons.

VOLUME 76. (2014)
Edward Town: A Biographical Dictionary of London Painters, 1547-1625
Phillip Lindley: Roubiliac's monuments for the Second Duke and Duchess of Montagu and the Building of the New Chancel at Warkton in Northamptonshire.
Giuliana Pieri: Giovanni Costa and George Howard: Art, Patronage and Friendship.

VOLUME 77. (2015)
Hugh Brigstocke (with a contribution by Angela Delaforce): British Travellers in Spain, 1766-1849

VOLUME 78. (2016)
Carly Collier and Caroline Palmer: Discovering Ancient and Modern Primitives: The Travel Journals of Maria Callcott, 1827-28.

VOLUME 79. (2017)
Paul Tucker: A Connoisseur and his Clients: The Correspondence of Charles Fairfax Murray with Frederic Burton, Wilhelm Bode and Julius Meyer (1867-1914)

VOLUME 80. (2018)
Jeremy Wood: Buying and Selling Art in Venice, London and Antwerp: The Collection of Bartolomeo della Nave and the Dealings of James, Third Marquis of Hamilton, Anthony Van Dyck, and Jan and Jacob Van Veerle, c. 1637-52
Tamsin Lee-Woolfe: James Thornhill’s Travel Diary to Paris, 1717.
Lothar Sickel: Angelo Bonelli (c. 1760-1827): An Italian Art Dealer in London and his Partnership with John Udny junior

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