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Forthcoming: Volume 86

Updated: Jan 2

Volume 86 of the Walpole Society's annual volume will be published in 2024. It will contain two contributions, by Lucy Whitaker and Dr Claire Jones, as follows.

An important inventory of the Royal Collection of pictures at Whitehall Palace and Hampton Court Palace in the 1660s.

The inventory has been transcribed and comprehensively annotated by Lucy Whitaker, until recently Senior Curator of Paintings at the Royal Collection Trust, who has also written the introduction. The inventory describes the state of the Royal Collection after the Commonwealth sales and Charles II's attempts to recover his father's collection. Lucy Whitaker's careful notes describe the movements of each of the several hundred pictures across the tumultous middle decades of the 17th century, and provide a current attribution and location (where known) for each. The work as a whole will serve as a reference guide to what was the country's most important collection of pictures during the Restoration period.

The undelivered lectures by Pre-Raphaelite Thomas Woolner, in his capacity as the Royal Academy's Professor of Sculpture.

Thomas Woolner (1825-1892) was a sculptor and a poet, and a founder member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Woolner’s undelivered lectures – little cited in art historical literature until now – offers a significant addition to our knowledge and understanding of sculptural thinking in Britain, for they are a significant primary document for understanding British sculpture in the mid to late nineteenth century, as the 'New Sculpture' emerged, within debates about the role of idealism and realism in sculpture.


Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Thomas Woolner, 1852

Pencil, 163 x 147 mm (hexagonal)

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