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Tributes on Robin Simon's retirement from the Berger Prize

Updated: Jan 7

Robin Simon at the Berger Prize prizegiving ceremony at

the Society of Antiquaries, London, on 29 November 2023

At the prizegiving ceremony for the 2023 Berger Prize, Professor Robin Simon FSA announced his retirement from the prize, which he has served as chair of judges and the prize's administrator for over twenty years.

Katherine MB Berger, Chairman of the Berger Collection Educational Trust, paid tribute to Robin's leadership of the prize throughout this time: “Little did we know 21 years ago that the Berger Prize would have such a profound effect on the world of art history scholarship. For that, we must look to Robin Simon and thank him for his vision, guidance and wit. His energetic administration and rigorous judging built a phenomenal international reputation for the Prize. So it is bittersweet as we must now turn the page and wish Robin a well-deserved retirement."

Incoming chair of judges, Dr Jonny Yarker, emphasised the range and quality of scholarship that the prize has supported under Robin's guidance: "From its inception until 2023, Robin Simon led the Berger Prize with flair and resourcefulness. During its two decades under Robin's stewardship, the Prize has come to be regarded as the pre-eminent award in art history, with an international reputation. A distinguished art historian himself, and editor of the British Art Journal, Robin has offer the prize's support for deep research – books written from sustained scholarly study – and rewarded scholars and curators for comprehensive re-evaluations of major artists, movements and neglected areas of knowledge."

From 2024 the Berger Prize will be offered by The Walpole Society. For news about this year's winner and plans for 2024, click here.


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