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VOLUME 1 (1911-12)

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Contents of Volume 1 (1911-12)

pp. v-vi: The Walpole Society, Preface [Manifesto]

p. 1-54: Philip Norman, LL.D., Nicholas Hilliard's Treatise Concerning 'The art of Limning'

pp. 55-67: Professor Edward S. Prior, A Sketch of English Mediaeval Figure-Sculpture

pp. 69-75: W.R. Lethaby, London and Westminster Painters in the Middle Ages

pp. 78-84: Lennard O'Malley, C.H. Collins Baker, Reynolds's First Portrait of Keppel

pp. 85-91: Alexander J. Finberg, Turner's 'Isle of Wight' Sketch-Book


This facsimile was made from the copy at the University of Toronto and is hosted on


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