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VOLUME 3 (1913-14)

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Contents of Volume 3 (1913-14)

pp. 1-8: Rachael Poole, Marcus Gheeraerts, Father and Son, Painters

pp. 9-45: Lionel Cust, Marcus Gheeraerts

pp. 47-56: J.A. Herbert, A Psalter in the British Museum (Royal MS. I D.x), Illuminated in England Early in the Thirteenth Century

pp. 57-73: G.C. Druce, Animals in English Wood Carvings

pp. 75-81: E.W. Tristram, A Painted Room of the Seventeenth Century

pp. 83-7: C.H. Collins Baker, Notes on Edmund Ashfield

pp. 89-97: Alexander J. Finberg, Some Leaves from Turner's 'South Wales' Sketch-Book

pp. 99-112: C.E. Hughes, Notes on Bonington's Parents

pp. 113-4: Lionel Cust, A Further Note on Haunce Eworth

pp. 114-7: Mary F.S. Hervey, Two Portraits by Haunce Eworth

pp. 118-9: Richard W. Goulding, Notes on Additional HE Portraits


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