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Switching to Direct Debit

From 2024 onwards, we are asking our UK-based members to pay their subscriptions via Direct Debit, rather than continuing to pay via Standing Order. At the same time, unfortunately it has become necessary to implement a price rise, our first since 2008.

Please click one of the links below which will take you to the website of our payments provider, Go Cardless. The process of setting up the Direct Debit mandate ought to take only a minute or two.

Until now, there has been only one type of membership, where we send members a hardback copy of the annual volume. From 2024 onwards, however, we will be offering two categories of membership: digital membership and book membership. Regardless of their membership category, all members will have online access to the current volume and the entire archive, whatever category they choose.

Digital membership

This provides members with a pdf facsimile of the annual volume only, so that you will not receive the volume through the post as a hardback book. The digital membership option costs £45 annually, wherever you live. Select this option by clicking the link below.

Book membership

This is the same as the existing option, where members receive a copy of the volume as a hardback book, at a cost of £60 annually (or £75 if the book is to be delivered overseas). Click one of the two links below to select book membership.

No money will be taken from your account until early January 2024 or 2025 (depending on when you switch), and thereafter payment will be taken annually in early January. Only members who bank in the UK can set up a Direct Debit.

If you are setting up a Direct Debit, please also cancel your previous Standing Order. Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel members' Standing Order for them. There is advice about how to cancel a Standing Order here.

If you have any problems, do please write to the Executive Administrator Claire Ó Nualláin at


Edward Wadsworth (1889-1949)

Number Please!, 1942

Tempera on paper, 32.1 x 35.8 cm


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