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The Burlington Magazine profiles The Walpole Society.

Updated: Jan 9

We're most grateful to the Burlington Magazine for devoting its January 2024 editorial to the work of The Walpole Society.

We think of the Burlington Magazine and our Society as kindred projects: founded at the same moment in history, by members of the same circle of reform-minded scholars, critics and curators, both with the goal of supporting new approaches to art historical scholarship. As the magazine notes, this is the sixth editorial about the Society since 1913, and our work and ethos remains fundamentally the same as it was a century ago.

The Burlington Magazine draws attention to our efforts to modernise and to further promote the study of Britain's art history through our new website, a digital form of membership and, most recently, our taking on responsibility for the Berger Prize, the leading book prize for art history.

The editorial is free to read online at the following address:

and to buy a copy of this issue, please click the following link:


Cover of the Burlington Magazine (January 2024), vol 166 no.1450.


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